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Christy Catherine Marshall

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October 12, 2005

My cats don’t like me very much in the morning. When I approach them with my rise-and-shine chippery voice and try to pet them, they snake away from me and line up at the gray Rubbermaid box that says “Cat Food.” I used to let this bother me – why do they like their Meow Mix more than they like me, the giver of their Meow Mix?

Then I realized — Oh, it’s because they’re hungry. They don’t want petting when their feline bellies are growling. They want me to fill up their bowl with something crunchy that tastes like chicken of the sea.

I say, people on the internet are like cats. We surf to a site looking for something we need to fill a certain spot. We’re in a hurry – we’ve got to order those plane tickets or find out about that weird insect bite or keep up with the news (and other people’s blogs). We don’t care about being pampered.

So, about this blog. Some of you are surfing in because you’ve done a parenting search on Technorati. And now you discover all I do is talk about my kids – I’m not really an expert on parenting. Well, I’m not! Sorry. This is what you might hear at my house. “Mom! I can’t eat my piece of pizza now because he breathed his yukky boy breath on it!”

I’m not a cat expert either – but I love their soft fur, how they purr when you rub their backs, how they romp around to chase butterflies while you sit and watch. You ought to see our two-week-old kittens now. Their mother moved them to a cardboard box inside our garage.

I wrote a blooper in an email to my sister yesterday and she called me very upset. “I’m so sorry your cat ate all her kittens!” she said.

“What? Our cat didn’t eat her kittens!”

“Well, you said that your Mama cat ate the hamster and her babies.”

“No, no…I meant the cat got back into the house and got the hamster and the hamster’s babies.”

“Oh!” She sounded quite relieved. Yes, we’ve discovered cats and hamsters don’t go together too well. Since there’s much more of a cat to pet, we’ve nixed the hamster idea permanently.

So we’ve still got our kittens. Maybe I need to post a picture. They’re going to be smart country cats. They even like to be petted!

Just wait until they discover seafood-flavored Meow Mix.

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