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Christy Catherine Marshall

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December 27, 2005

I hope you’ve all had a merry Christmas. It was strange for me to be away from my blog for so long — I actually missed it! A few people asked me how I have time to blog, and the truth is — blogging has replaced a lot of my emailing. Of course I still keep up with people on a more personal level, but I don’t send out detailed “here’s-what-I’ve-been-up-to” messages anymore. If you’re a blogger, have you found this to be true as well?

It’s been fun for me to share my interests with local friends and family who read Mom 2 Mom Connection. (Someone asked if my husband was going to start Dad 2 Dad Connection — we laughed about that one!) And a highlight of my Christmas was getting to meet one of my fellow bloggers! We found out she lives near my parents’ house, and we got to meet yesterday and share a mug of hot apple cider together. I thanked God for that blessing — here’s someone I have so much in common with. We both love blogging about books — using WordPress (which is about to undergo a massive upgrade — has anyone tried out the new 2.0 version yet?)

I really feel like this Christmas was extra rich because of all that I’ve learned from other Christian women who share their voices in the blogosphere. You’ve taught me so much! We are not alone — this side of heaven — as we link up and share our thoughts. Don’t forget to send Sallie at Two Talent Living your best blog entry by 3:00 pm today — tomorrow is another Carnival of Beauty, and the theme is “The Beauty of Excellence.” I cannot WAIT to read what you send.

In the next couple of weeks, I want to hear what everyone else is doing about packing away decorations, organizing all your family’s gifts, making resolutions/ goals for the new year, and what you’ll use for devotionals and Bible reading in 2006. Let’s share ideas so we’ll have plenty to choose from.

My heart has ached this Christmas for some people I know who have been without loved ones — it’s not always a season of joy when there’s an empty place in the circle. Here’s a poem someone emailed me this week — she said she was stressed out baking cookies, wrapping presents, cleaning house — and then she found this poem and relaxed, knowing she could rest in Christ. What a lovely thought.

Have you taken it to Jesus?
Have you left your burden there?
Does he tenderly support you?
Have you rolled on Him your care?

O, the sweet unfailing refuge
Of the everlasting arms;
In their loving clasp enfolded
Nothing worries or alarms.

Have you taken it to Jesus,
Just the thing that’s pressing now?
Are you trusting Him completely?
With the when, and where and how?

Oh, the joy of full surrender
Of our life, our plans, our all;
Proving, far above our asking
That God answers when we call.

Have you taken it to Jesus?
‘Tis the only place to go
If you want the burden lifted
And a solace for your woe.

Oh, the blessedness to nestle
Like a child upon His breast;
Finding ever; as He promised
Perfect comfort, peace and rest.”

Mrs. E. L. Hennessay

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