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Christy Catherine Marshall

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February 11, 2006

Potluck Club

A novel? It’s about time. I don’t read much fiction, but I’m glad I discovered this one. If you love getting carried away in a good story, this novel is way too much fun. It’s ideal for a breezy weekend read.

The Potluck Club is co-authored by Eva Marie Everson and Linda Evans Shepherd, two ladies who keep my inbox brimming. Eva Marie sends me her newest articles on Crosswalk, and Linda sends me recipes. When I heard Eva Marie speak at a conference, I just had to get a signed copy of her book.

“How do two people write a novel together?” I asked her. “We each wrote three characters,” she whispered. “But it’s a secret which ones.”

What is the Potluck Club? It’s a tight-knit group of six friends who get together to share a home-cooked meal, spicing things up with the latest gossip prayer requests. These ladies find plenty to talk about in their small town nestled in the scenic Colorado mountains.

What I enjoyed most about this book is that the women are real. They’re funny and flawed, but have a heart for growing in their faith. As the plot unfolds, we enter into their joys and heartaches, frowning at the naughty and smiling at the nice. I laughed and cried — now, I’m hooked and can’t wait to read the sequel.

It’s about time Christian publishers gave us something to read that rivals best-selling chick-lit that won’t make us blush! This is a novel you wouldn’t mind your teen daughter or your grandmother picking up after you — pass it on. Forget the trashy romances — here’s a piece that’s good for your mind and soul.

If you’re looking for something fun and poignant to discuss at your next book club meeting, this book is the perfect accompaniment to the staples of food and laughter. Since all the recipes are included at the back of the book, why not try some out? Are Lisa Leann’s oven-barbecued brisket and cinnamon rolls really ALL THAT? Make them and see. Vonnie’s Mexican tamales will always remind you of that sad secret in her past. And Mother Dippel’s chocolate cake looks delicious — just watch out for hungry black bears!

As you can see in this author picture, the Colorado mountains make a gorgeous backdrop for a novel. And since I don’t live anywhere near mountains like that, it made me relish the story even more. I felt like I was on a little adventure — all the while I was curled up reading this book. It really inspired me! I won’t be surprised at all if The Potluck Club gets made into a movie — it’s one I’ll enjoy taking my daughters to see.

Speaking of Potluck Clubs, don’t forget to go through your recipe files this weekend and tell me about your favorite “Comfort Food.” I’m hosting the Carnival of Beauty here next Wednesday, and I need YOUR potluck dish. Click here for details. All you have to do is post the recipe in your blog by 3 pm on Tuesday, then email me the link. And you can be in our Carnival! Even if you don’t have a blog, email me your recipe, and I’ll post it with mine. Let’s break out of our winter doldrums and dish up something tasty.

Good books. Good food. Bon Appetit!

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