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Christy Catherine Marshall

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June 4, 2006

It’s Sunday afternoon, and all is quiet on our homefront. Guess what daunting task I’m attempting on this day of rest? I’m decluttering and filing all of my emails. I thought I’d better dash over and post in my blog just for a little moral support.

If you KNEW how many emails I’ve let pile up, you’d fall out of your chair — it’s well into the thousands. (yikes!) But filing is actually kind of fun. I’m deleting a ton — but I’ve also got files set up for family, friends, newsletters and articles I want to save for research, quotes I pick up, groups I’m involved in, and a host of other categories.

Mostly, I’m realizing I’ve got a lot of clutter to get rid of. FlyLady has inspired me. Less is more.

Back to work now. 😉

[Edit: It’s done. My in-box is sorted and cleaned out! Now … on to those paper files.]

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