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Christy Catherine Marshall

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March 12, 2009

I recently got together with some old (and I do mean OLD) college friends, and it reminded me of this picture. HA! That’s me, top left corner, about 20 years ago. Now, it won’t be long before my daughters reach this age.

Well, time has flown since I’ve last posted. Sorry about this. I desperately would love to get back into the routine of blogging, but LIFE these days doesn’t allow me much time at the computer. I miss writing. I miss connecting with people I can’t see locally. I don’t even have time to join facebook.

Five kids, one busy husband, two cats, two rabbits, a dog, a chicken, and several tanks full of mysterious swampy creatures that keep my oldest son busy carrying buckets to and from the creek … and my plate (and house) is full.

In my “spare” time, I’ve been passionate about reading some classic books I somehow missed during my days as an English major. I’ve discovered the breathtaking joys of reading Jane Eyre for the first time — how did I miss this? I read a biography of the Bronte sisters last fall and put Jane Eyre on my reading list … and finally read it a few weeks ago. Then I immediately had to rush out to the library and borrow the movie. What a story! What thrilling beauty!

Lately, I’ve been working my way through Louisa May Alcott’s novels. I’d read Little Women years ago, but was shocked at this current reading to see myself more in the role of Marmee than Jo. Next, I rushed my way through Little Men for the first time, and I could so relate to to the joys and trials of raising a houseful of children at Plumfield. I finished the trilogy with Jo’s Boys, which left me with a sigh, as the curtain closed forever on the March family.

I’ve also made my way through some of Catherine Marshall’s books — my mother gave me a beautiful hardbound compilation of A Closer Walk and Something More back in 1998, and in rereading it recently, I felt so much kinship with Catherine, as she struggled to carve out her writing time while raising a busy family. This of course made me want to read her wonderful novel, Julie, which I’d never had a chance to read. I loved it. (This is the companion novel to Christy).

I could go on … but somebody’s gotta cook supper around here. I hope you’re all enjoying a beautiful spring, wherever you are. I’ll try to pop in from time to time and update you. For now, motherhood is my greatest calling.

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