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Christy Catherine Marshall

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June 25, 2010

If you’re looking for some writing deadlines to help spur you on this summer, I’ve compiled a few here from the Chicken Soup for the Soul website. A friend of mine recently sold a story to their forthcoming Christmas series, and she said they paid her $200 and will give her ten copies of the book, which will make great Christmas gifts. That’s not bad!

At the very least, if you take the time to write down your stories, then you’ll have them for yourself, as a tangible legacy of your own life journey. I’ve heard it can take up to three or four years to find out if they’ve been accepted to the Chicken Soup series, so the waiting can be long! They’re also strict about the stories being previously unpublished, so be careful to study the Submission Guidelines before sending.

Upcoming series include:

Extra Christmas Stories
For a possible second Christmas book, we are looking for additional Christmas stories … The deadline date for story submissions is July 13, 2010.

Everyone has a great story about the unconditional love between grandmothers and their grandchildren. We are looking for wonderful stories celebrating grandmothers and grandchildren … The deadline date for story submissions is August 31, 2010.

Mothers and Daughters
Mothers and daughters… they are, at the same time, very similar and also completely unique. Mothers show daughters who they will become. Daughters live out mothers’ dreams … The deadline date for story submissions is December 31, 2010. This title will not publish until 2012.

New Moms
Becoming a new mom is the most amazing experience, unique and unlike any other. From the moment that baby is placed in your arms, there is an incredible feeling only a new mother can know … The deadline for story submissions is July 31, 2010.

The preteen years – those years from nine to twelve can be rough from both a physical and emotional perspective. You are not a kid anymore but you are not yet a teen … The deadline date for story submissions is August 31, 2010.

A completely new book on one of our most requested topics – TEENS. The stories in this book, written almost entirely by teens, will be stories that you will want to read again and again … The deadline date for story submissions is December 31, 2010.

Young at Heart
So, you’ve crossed that magic age and you are ready to retire or start a second career. But you’re not ready to stop living! You feel energetic and young and there is still so much to see and do and enjoy … The deadline date for story submissions is December 31, 2010.

You can read all the details about upcoming series, with specific guidelines here. Best wishes to you on your summer writing goals!

P.S. If any of you get a story accepted to a Chicken Soup for the Soul book, I’d love to know. We’ll all celebrate with you!

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